4 ways you can achieve your long-term business goals!

4 ways you can achieve your long-term business goals! Below are 4 videos from 4 world expert leaders who discuss how to live a more creative, productive and happy life.

Personal fulfilment and development are important contributing factors in order to achieve success. As part of this equation, having a meaningful purpose is critical – both for organizations and as individuals looking to achieve our long-term goal.” – World of Business Ideas, WOBI, UK

Marcus Buckingham – Each human’s nature is unique

Marcus is a renowned expert on talent and strengths-based leadership.
Marcus Buckingham’s video focuses on the value of each team member.

Gary Hamel – Principle of community

Gary is one of the most influential figures in modern management.
Gary Hamel’s video emphasizes the power of good relationships in the workplace.

Arianna Huffington – Redefining success in a new era

Arianna is the Founder of Huffington Post, Founder & CEO of Thrive Global.
Arianna Huffington’s video introduces the variable of personal wellbeing and analyses its traditional definition.

Simon Sinek – Organisations need to offer their people a cause

Simon is a leading authority on organisational performance.
Simon Sinek’s video reflects on the importance of purpose for employees’ commitment to the organization.

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