Change Management in Social Care: The Current Climate

We live in a world where “business as usual” involves change management; whether it’s driving new initiatives, projects, technology improvements, or staying ahead of the competition.

When a business is considering a small change to one or two processes or a system-wide change, it is common to feel intimidated by the size of the challenge.

We often know what needs to happen, but don’t always know how we might go about doing delivering it.

There are many theories about how to “do” change. Many originate with the leadership and change management guru, John Kotter, a professor at Harvard Business School and world-renowned change expert.

This year “business as usual” has been impacted by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic that no one was prepared for. Change management has had to happen in all organisations and it has had to happen fast.

Therefore change management is more important now than ever before, and as a leader, a key responsibility is to be able to lead and guide your colleagues and business successfully through this period of change. To do this, Kotter’s Change Model uses 8 key steps:

1. Establish a sense of urgency
2. Build powerful teams to collaborate
3. Create a vision for change
4. Communicate for buy-in
5. Remove obstacles and empower
6. Plan for and create short-term wins
7. Build on the change
8. Anchor the changes

We have used this model in our business and found it invaluable, particularly over the last 6 months and we wanted to share this with you. We have created the “Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model” presentation and guidance notes for you to use and share with your colleagues.

To get your copy, please request by emailing


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