Top tips to help you manage the current fuel situation and avoid panic buying!

You may have seen over the weekend; long queues have been forming outside petrol stations due to people ‘panic buying’ fuel after scares of there being a shortage.

It is important that we all manage this situation in the best possible way to avoid being unable to travel for work. Therefore, we have put together some helpful tips to help you manage this.

It is vital that we are still able to provide the much-needed care and support to the vulnerable people in our society, so if we all work smartly, we will be able to manage this to ensure they don’t go without.

There are calls for health and social care workers to be given priority over fuel so please look out for further information regarding this in your local area.

Your fuel levels

  • Try to not allow your fuel to get any lower than a quarter of a tank so that you are still able to travel in an emergency or in case you need to drive to a petrol station to get fuel.

Where and when to visit a petrol station

  • It is advised that when filling up your tank, you go early in the morning to gain the best chance of being able to get fuel. Often petrol stations get their fuel deliveries overnight, so they are more likely to have stock of fuel first thing in the day.
  • Shell garages have released a statement saying they do have fuel, whereas others such as BP have said some of their sites have no stock.
  • You may find that service stations on the motorway have fuel as they often stock more for the HGV lorries.
  • Avoid panic buying, ideally call into a petrol station when you may be running closer to a quarter of a tank.

Alternatives to help you save fuel

  • Should you work locally to home why not start walking or cycling to work to save fuel by not driving – it’s also great exercise!
  • Check public transport routes for journeys that you are wanting to make, if you can use a bus or a train instead of driving this will help you to save fuel too

Download our helpful tips poster and put it up around your care organisation or service!

Top tips to help you manage the current fuel crisis! (1)

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