Understanding your customer and generating more lasting relationships!

Below are 4 videos from 4 world experts in the marketing field who share some keys to understanding customers better and generating closer and more lasting relationships.

“The change that the world is currently experiencing and the acceleration of technology, are transforming businesses and redefining the existing marketing rules.”World of Business Ideas, WOBI, UK


1. The advantages of Word-of-Mouth

Jonah Berger – Marketing professor at the Wharton School of Business.
Jonah Berger exposes the importance of the power of word of mouth to make our services known.

2. Consumer revolution

Seth Godin – Author of bestseller and agent of change.
Seth Godin reminds us that even the most seemingly perfect systems can change and that we, as organizations, need to be prepared for any disruptions.

3. A marketing metric that can inspire you

Zoë Chance – Persuasion expert and professor at the Yale School of Management.
Zoë Chance, leading expert in the field of persuasion, says that we must make our processes as easy as possible for the customer.

4. The importance of email in Digital Marketing

Ann Handley – Digital marketing pioneer and writer.
Ann Handley, a pioneer in digital marketing, imparts the keys to getting the most out of email marketing.

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