Personal Leadership; 3 short inspirational videos

Below are 3 very short inspirational videos from 3 world expert leaders who discuss the need and importance of Personal Leadership. When you have a busy work schedule day to day, allowing the time for personal development is hard, but it is important you try find this time. The below short videos are a minute long each and contain a snippet of really valuable and inspirational content that can really help you to think and develop personally even during a busy week.

“Leadership begins with you. The contributions we make as leaders within our teams are influenced by our own attitudes and how we approach situations and tasks. As leaders It’s important to understand the needs of our teams and create a work environment where motivation and inspiration are present.” – World of Business Ideas, WOBI, UK

Overview of the videos:

  1. How companies foster an innovation culture
    Adam Granta pioneer organisational psychologist
    Adam Grant said “the whole point of leadership is flexibility and adaptability.” Grant believes leaders can cultivate an enriched workplace full of innovation, by hiring, rewarding and promoting our teams on the basis of “cultural contribution,” those who can best improve and evolve the organization.
  2. Old style vs new style of leadership
    Stephen Covey
    American writer and public speaker and the author of the book The SPEED of Trust.
    Stephen Covey explains how committing to a “Trust and Inspire” leadership mentality can bring relevant change and disruption to your organisation.
  3. The first act of leadership; leading yourself
    Hermina Ibarra
    an organisational behaviour professor at London Business School.
    Hermina Ibarra thinks that we should develop a point of view about a better future and inspire our teams to bring that change.

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