6 Tips to Proactively Reduce Your Staffing Agency Spend Over Christmas

  1. Make best friends with the weather man!

Have you considered weather forecast? Winter weather can have massive implications on staff absence and punctuality. Always stay one step ahead, most people respond to the weather that morning which is often too late to put precautions in place to ensure it doesn’t affect their commute to work. Give your team regular updates and especially the day before if you know the snow overnight could cause them disruption the next day.

  1. Are their changes to local transportation over the festive period?

Reflect on how your team commute to work, if there are a number of people who use public transport, it is wise to invest time in looking at the service they use and what changes to this there will be over the Christmas and New year period. Also, asking and involving your staff in this can ensure they are aware that you are informed, and no woolly hat can be pulled over your eyes.

  1. Prevent getting a “Snowed in” team.

Our sister company AJ Community Care provides domiciliary care in a very hilly town and we know year after year the care workers get snowed in and are unable to get out of where they live due to unsafe roads.  Precautions and solutions are thought of well in advance should they find themselves in that situation. For instance,

  • Is there anyone with a 4×4 or good snow car that can car share on these occasions?
  • Advise people to leave their cars out on a main road if there is a risk their car will get stuck on their drive.
  • Reconsider usual route to work favouring major roads that are more likely to be cleared and gritted,
  • Allow extra time to deice, clear snow and drive safely.
  • Share helpful resources such as AA Winter Driving Advice
  1. Have the difficult rota conversations now

Have the difficult conversations now about the rota and get your managers to establish what they need rather than thinking or hoping they are all covered. This will help you be proactive rather than reactive. Involving the wider team will also get better buy in and help rather than dropping extra shifts on people last minute.

  1. Consider shift pattern changes

It may seem unrealistic and unachievable but at times when your service could be affected by something out of your control, its time to think outside the box.

Could your shift patterns work better with public transport times, that way you are giving your staff the chance to be punctual and on time over Christmas and still fulfil their duties despite their commute to work being disrupted due to public holidays or the weather. People may be willing to stay a little longer until the person catching the bus arrives as a favour over this time.

  1. Ask your bank staff in the right way

Your bank staff may have more availability over this time of year. Get in touch and ask them “What can you help with over Christmas and New year?” asking the question in this way will encourage them to think about which days they are free. This is a better way to ask than asking a closed question such as “Can you help over Christmas and New Year? which can lead to then lead to a “No”.

These simple points can not only help you stabilise your team over the Christmas and New year period but also in the wintery months ahead.

However, after doing all of the above, if you do find yourself in a position of needing staff to support your team please do give us a call on 03305 552233. We are open 24/7 so will do our best to help you!


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