‘The impact of the White Paper for social care reform’ Care Talk Conference

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) are partnering with Care Talk magazine, to hold a virtual conference on 22nd June; The impact of the White Paper for social care reform.

The White Paper sets out to support the health and care system to work together so that we live longer, healthier, active and more independent lives. The virtual conference intends to discuss the following questions:

  • As the system still battles with Covid, and public finances get tighter, are there sufficient resources to do this?
  • Is the focus simply too narrow when what we need is social care reform?
  • Does the white paper have the right ingredients for success or is it simply a recipe for disaster?
  • Will the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) put the needs of the NHS above the needs of people in receipt of social care?
  • Will the Government’s focus on the White Paper overshadow the need to address social care reform?
  • How will it tackle the inequalities in health, staff shortages and the status of the social care workforce?
  • Is a merger with the NHS the way forward or would a national care service be best placed to put social care centre stage?

This conference will see key influencers representing all areas of the sector come together to look at the White Paper and how this could shape social care reform. The virtual conference will allow a wide range of stakeholders to listen to and participate in the debate including front line care and support staff, experts by experience, registered managers, thought leaders and influencers.

When we have discussed the White Paper in recent months, it is clear there are some things to welcome from the White Paper. But the social care system continues to face many challenges that will not be fully addressed by these proposals, including chronic staff shortages, deep health inequalities and an urgent need for long-term reform of social care. There is a pressing need for the government to chart a way out of these deep-seated challenges.

Vic Rayner, CEO of the National Care Forum and speaker at this upcoming virtual conference, launched a campaign last week off the back of the Queens Speech in which the future of social care was pinned down to nine words – ‘Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward’. Vic expressed that there is so much more to be said about social care reform, and so launched the #9wordsforcare campaign. People were encouraged to share what 9 words they would use to describe what social care reform should look like/be. A number of Social Care professionals shared their thoughts across LinkedIn and other social media platforms of what their #9wordsforcare are.

Through campaigns such as the one ran by Vic Raynor, and the upcoming conference, we can use these as ways to come together as a sector and keep putting the pressure on. The past 12 months shines a bright light on how much social care delivers in our communities.

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