How To Write The Perfect CV

In today’s day and age of multifaceted application systems and with the plethora of social media platforms, you might think the CV is dead, well it’s not. In fact the CV is well and truly alive and kicking. Here is part one of my top tips on how you can get yourself the perfect CV, putting your best foot forward and aceing the application process.

LinkedIn vs your CV?


Lets cover the easy one first, why LinkedIn doesn’t replace your CV. A LinkedIn profile is a huge repository of information about workers and the skills they have. But this is what it doesn’t do…..

A LinkedIn profile doesn’t give any indication of the personality of the candidate, which can be helpful when reaching a hiring decision, however a CV does. A CV also tells the recruiter how the jobseeker uses information and how they put it together in a logical process to sell themselves. Also, not everyone is on LinkedIn so those people would need a CV anyway!

There are many steps to a typical recruitment process which include in many firms; Personality tests, IQ tests, ‘vocational interest measures’ and ‘integrity tests’. In an increasingly data-focused world, this will surely become more popular. However in my experience in Social Care employers will ask for a copy of your CV, it’s the constant in the process, the bit that tracks you with them and even if the employers don’t use it, it could be used to open the door for you. Just think, what would you send instead anyway?

This is just one of the key things you need to know about getting your CV right in 2017.

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Andrew is the founder of two social care recruitment businesses AJ Recruitment and turro. He is also a founder of AJ Community Care, a domiciliary care business. He is a keen blogger and speaker on issues in the sector on the recruitment of people. Prior to that, he spent a number of years working in senior roles in the retail sector.