Meet the Team

Ben Carter

Recruitment Manager

Ben is a people-person and loves the challenge of finding exceptional carers. From seeking out the best applicants to interviewing …

Sam Gomersall

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Sam puts his good humour and friendly nature to good use in a critical role helping the needs of our …

Ben Watkins

Recruitment Consultant

Another star of the recruitment team, Ben brings enthusiasm and energy to seeking out the best support workers. Working with …

Andrew Brindley


Andrew is never one to shy away from a challenge which is just the sort of commitment needed for such …

Jo Guy

Managing Director

Jo’s come a long way from operating crocodile cruises out of Darwin, Australia. From the outback to the office, Jo …

Rachel Bryan

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Rachel realises the importance of a great brand image and works tirelessly to spread the word about all the amazing …

June Guy

Senior Finance Manager

June believes that if a job’s worth doing it should be done well, or what’s the point?! That tenacity is …

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