We take all of the stress out of finding the perfect support worker for the service you offer. This tailored staffing solution is set up to make your life less complicated with easy to understand invoicing and transparency through every step of the process. Whether you’re in need of a temporary support worker or have a permanent role that needs filling, there’s several common questions which usually come to mind. Take a look below and if you’re query still isn’t answered, one of our specialist consultants would love to hear from you.

Do you have availability in different parts of Yorkshire?

Yes, we operate throughout the whole of Yorkshire.

Our catchment area covers East Riding, North Lincolnshire as well as the North East. Permanent roles are available nationwide.

Can my friends/family also work for AJ Recruitment?

Yes, and if you are already a member of the AJ team you can earn a £50 referral bonus for every person recommended.

Do you need previous experience in health and social care to work for AJ Recruitment?

To ensure a high-quality service, we ask that all applicants have at least 6 months’ hands on professional experience within a care setting in the last 3 years. This must be showed via references.

Do you need to have a car to work for AJ?

The majority of our social care roles require access to your own vehicle but there are situations where this doesn’t apply. While that may impact how much work we can offer you, it’s still worth applying if you don’t currently have a car.

How soon can I start working?

As soon as possible. Following the interview process and attainment of a DBS certificate, we’ll take care of training and you’ll be ready for your first shift.

Do you offer a DBS certificate?

Yes, all of our AJ Temporary Support Workers are provided with a DBS certificate.

Given the quantity of applications, we do ask for an initial payment of £44. However, this is reimbursed upon completion of 140 hours.

Do you offer any training?

Yes, we offer an in-depth training program to develop the skills and knowledge of all our AJ Temporary Support Workers.

This not only includes access to online e-learning and video tutorials but in-house practical sessions with experienced Consultants.

Can I work for AJ while working elsewhere?

Yes, that’s not a problem as long as the quality of care you deliver isn’t compromised.

Do you offer permanent positions?

Yes, we even provide a dedicated approach known as ‘temp to perm/direct introduction’.

The varied experience as a temp provides a great stepping stone to a permanent position in a social care role. If you find yourself wanting a more permanent position, we will happily support this transition.

Is there a limit to how few or many hours I am able to work?

No, you aren’t limited to a ‘maximum’ or ‘minimum’ hourly range.

We only stipulate that need to take days off in between on-going shifts in order to ensure sufficient rest. The safety of our workers and the people they support is paramount.

Can I work as and when I want to?

Yes, absolutely.

Working shifts are tailored around client demand but we also consider your current schedule. That said, we do pride ourselves on being able to provide a consistent service, so would always ask that our temporary workers opt for regular working patterns.

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