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With our own long standing experience in the social care sector, we realise the importance of sharing knowledge and resources. It’s through our position as a thought leader that we continue to share the skills required for effective recruitment which includes staff retention. Learning these tools and techniques provides a solution in overcoming the current staffing crisis which threatens the UK social care sector.

Webinars and Seminars

Neil Eastwood, an experienced care provider and analyst with a Harvard Business School education, is one of many committed affinity partners currently aligned to our strategy for helping and improving social care recruitment. With the help of these experienced individuals, our series of webinars enjoy an exceptional uptake and response from social care leaders.

Neil and the rest of his team are all on a mission to help UK providers. That commitment as an affinity partner provides synergetic benefits. Experts such as Neil are able to increase their reach through guest blogging and speaking to a much larger audience.

Read more about each of our valued industry experts below.

Expertise – Recruitment and retention of Front Line Care Workers

Neil shares his transformational research gained from the States to address current issues threatening social care here in the UK. As an analyst with a Harvard Business School education, Neil is focused on implementing result orientated strategies. The company he founded, Sticky People, delivers evidence-based recruitment, retention tools and actionable tips to the UK’s social care and healthcare employers and funders. He regularly presents across the UK and remains at the forefront of the debate concerning workforce reform across social care.

Expertise – Improving workplace performance

Meredith is President and Founder of Performance Support Systems, a software company that provides assessment and development tools for improving workplace performance. Through her experience working alongside thousands of entrepreneurs and consultants, she understands the importance of developing people and their working habits. ‘Strong for Performance’ is her company’s latest product, a ground-breaking virtual coaching system that helps people make lasting changes to their behaviour and build upon personal strengths.

Expertise – Psychometric profiling

Gail is a strong advocate for the use of psychometric profiles when recruiting Social Care leaders. By understanding how others think and what differences may occur between a team of induvial can help improve effectiveness and synergy between staff. This sentiment has been carried through from over 15 years’ practical experiences as an operational manager, coaching and leading large teams to her current position as Director of Creative Partners Innovation and Enterprise Ltd. Gail now spends time delivering bespoke workshops as well as coaching individuals on the importance of performance management and communication.

Expertise – High level HR, employment law and change management

Adele is renowned in her field as a HR Business Partner. She lends advice and her expertise in high level HR to major organisations. Not only does she implement significant change programmes but provides invaluable assistance with contentious employment matters. She continually adds value to leading social care organisations by implementing new HR systems and the integration of specialist software as well as setting effective policy for learning and development.

Expertise – Improving Staff Retention

Steven likes to challenge the status quo by providing unconventional yet effective means of improving staff retention through employee feedback solutions. As CEO and Founder of Smith & Henderson he continues to help major blue-chip companies such as McDonalds, O2 and the Financial Times as well as leading care providers. Nurturing and improving employee satisfaction and productivity sits at the heart of his company which has enjoyed 50% growth each year since its launch in 2011.

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