Coronavirus: Are some soaps better than others?

There was a video that was shared by the BBC only a few days ago, that explained how to find the best soap to use now we are all washing our hands more regularly to protect against coronavirus.

Some of the key points from the video:

  • All soaps are effective against coronavirus – coronavirus has a fatty layer and soap and water can break up this layer and inactivate the virus
  • Using a soap that is gentler on your skin while washing hands more than usual avoid hands getting dry and cracked
  • Cracked and irritated hands can allow germs to get in, and using soap and sanitiser could sting
  • Moisturising soaps or soaps with fewer ingredients have a lower chance of causing irritation than fragranced soaps
  • The most important thing is to remember to keep washing your hands regularly

We thought this may be a useful video for you to share with both the staff and service users in your service to help protect them from damaging their hands from more frequent handwashing. We hope you find this information useful and is something that you can share with your colleagues and peers.


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