COVID-19 Delirium Factsheet

Research has found that one in four people with confirmed COVID-19 cases may experience delirium. Although COVID-19 specifically targets the lungs, in some cases it can also cause damage to other major organs, such as the brain.

What is delirium?
Delirium is a worsening or change in a person’s mental state that happens suddenly, over one to two days. The person may become confused, or be more confused than usual, or they may become sleepy/drowsy.

There are various types of delirium; hyperactive, hypoactive, and mixed. The mixed type is when hyperactive and hypoactive states come and go.

We have gathered research and understanding of delirium to create a fact sheet for you to help understand the underlying causes of delirium and how best to care for and support an individual who has delirium.


COVID-19 Delirium Factsheet (1)


We hope you find this information useful, and something that you can share with your colleagues and peers.

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