Do you have a contingency in place should your workers need to self-isolate?

In recent weeks, I have been in conversation with a number of service managers and their colleagues about the importance of having a contingency in place to support their service should a staff member need to self-isolate or their circumstances change.

A number of factors may start to affect your staffing levels in the coming weeks due to the likes of schools and businesses reopening, as well as the revised government guidelines that come along with this. For example, workers that now have limited childcare options or partners no longer working from home may require adjustments or additional flexibility to their working schedule, which could change rapidly over the coming weeks.

It is important to keep in regular communication with these workers, in order to anticipate the support you require to cover the requirements of your service in good time with minimal effect on the consistency and quality of care you provide.

As well as this, there are several reasons why a member of your staff may all of a sudden need to self-isolate (according to the NHS) to include;

  • they start to show symptoms themselves, they have tested positive
  • they live with someone who has symptoms or tested positive
  • they are told to by NHS track and trace
  • they or a household member arrive back in the UK from a country with a high COVID risk.

AJ can help to support your service as part of your contingency should your staff members need to self-isolate by providing you with emergency cover. We have well-managed capacity and workers on standby that will enable us to support you in an emergency.

Click here to read how we have helped our clients throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We have made a huge positive impact on many services by continuing to provide a remarkable service over the last 6 months, we are very proud of this.

How can AJ help?

As a specialist family run recruitment business, we support organisations to target issues such as continuity of staffing, reducing spend where you have a high volume of agency usage and supporting those who have specific talent requirements or are in hard to fill locations. We can help with any immediate staffing requirements or longer-term recruitment projects to ultimately save you time and money on agency spend.

If you would like us to set up a video call to discuss how we can collaborate, please let us know. To get in touch, my contact details are 03305 552233 and my email address is

Ben Carter
Recruitment Manager