The values of our workforce are fundamental to the provision of good care!

Evidence shows, a values-based approach to recruitment has resulted in:

  • lower recruitment costs
  • positive return on investment
  • lower staff turnover
  • better staff performance

Values-based recruitment helps you recruit the right people, who know what it means to provide high quality care and support.

The social care market is worth 21.3bn, coupled with this social care has been consistently in the top three in demand sectors, in recruitment terms, for the past 10 years. Vacancies in adult social are rising, where currently 1 in 11 care roles are unfilled. We face an existential challenge to not only maintain our current workforce, but to backfill our vacancies and recruit fast enough to keep up with the demand for care.

The pandemic has certainly made clear that the values of our workforce are fundamental to the provision of good care. It’s not difficult to make a compelling argument for prioritising values when reviewing applicants for frontline care roles. We know that people selected for their values tend to stay longer, perform better and have fewer absence days. We also know that employers clearly see a return on investment and, more importantly, the continuity and experience of care improves for the person receiving it.

Here at AJ, we have used a values-based approach to recruitment for many years and have found a number of benefits from doing so.

Not only have our clients told us that our staff portray better social care values such as respect, empathy and compassion, but we have also noticed that our staff retention rate is much, much higher for recruiting in this way. We know for a temporary recruitment agency this can be difficult to achieve, and by having a higher staff retention rate, it means we have a much more stable workforce and are able to provide better continuity of staff to your services.

At AJ we understand the value in using these additional approaches and our clients tell us that our temps stand out in terms of the quality and value that they bring to the people they are supporting.


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As a specialist, family run recruitment business, we provide a proactive and consultative approach to recruitment. We help organisations to target issues such as continuity of staffing, reducing spend where you have a high volume of agency usage and supporting those who have specific talent requirements or are in hard to fill locations. We can help with any immediate staffing requirements or longer-term recruitment projects to ultimately save you time and money on agency spend.

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