7 Ways To Integrate Temps Into Your Organisation Quickly To Add Value And Give You Continuity

There are a variety of benefits of working with a temp agency to support your recruiting needs. However, in order to make greater use out of the temps provided, you will need to know the best ways to integrate the temp staff provided into your organisation quickly so they can hit the ground running.

So here are 7 ways to integrate temp staff into your organisation quickly:

  1. Awareness – When a new employee begins, permanent of temp, this can change the dynamics of a team. Make all your current staff aware of a new starter, so they can not only be welcomed but so they can understand the purpose of the new staff, how they will fit in and if current employee’s role changes.
  2. Togetherness – A great onboarding strategy incorporates the simple easy things which can make a massive difference. Such things include welcoming them graciously and personally give them a tour of the office, introducing them to the team.
  3. Expectations – Sit down with your new temp and go through a plan of why you have brought them to the organisation, what you expect from them in the short term and why. This way, everyone is on the same wavelength and your new team member has set out tasks and expectations. A good temp will try extra hard to meet these to impress.
  4. Induction – After the introductions are given, make sure you go through the HR and policies. How to report a problem, overall policies and procedures and even where to get a cup of tea. This will also give a feeling of togetherness that the temp is part of the organisation which may increase moral and therefore productivity.
  5. Titles – Although an agency will provide a you with temp staff, don’t refer to the staff an agency sends as ‘temp or ‘contractors’. Although it is correct that the staff are there on a temporary basis, the role they play is integral in making sure you are fully staffed and equipped to provide the best care possible. Make sure they feel as valuable and as part of the team as your permanent staff. One way to do this is simply by not calling them temps.
  6. Standards – Make sure it isn’t one rule for one and one rule for another. Hold everyone to the same standards, this means in terms of policies, dress code, attendance policy, mobile phone usage etc. It shouldn’t be easy for an outsider looking in to see this is a temp member of staff and this is a permanent member. This will also reduce any animosity from either side as the same is expected of everyone.
  7. Feedback – Regular checks with your temp staff will ensure they are always on track. When the day becomes busy, it is often too easy to forget your temp staff maybe new. Of course, they are skilled to do the role but a new environment can still be hard to adjust to. Regular meeting will reduce anxiety, get temps up to speed quickly and deliver results.


Hopefully, these 7 examples will help you to integrate any new temps provided by an agency into your organisation quickly. Ultimately we want to help you reduce your overall spend, the best way to do this is to ensure you on board temps in a way that gives your team stability. If you do still have a shortage of front line care staff, then why not get in touch with AJ Recruitment.

AJ Recruitment is home to an expert team of social care consultants ready to support with your staffing needs. We understand the challenges faced when recruiting high calibre staff. Thankfully, that’s our expertise and we work tirelessly to seek out the most qualified and experienced support workers, so you don’t have to. The level of care is nothing short of excellent and our support workers are committed at integrating within your team. We also offer a temp to perm service in place if you would like any of our temps to join your organisation full time.