Open Consultation: New adult social care charging framework from October 2023

Last week, the government announced that they are introducing a new adult social care charging framework from October 2023. They have announced an open consultation, which seeks views on proposals for distributing funding to support the first year of delivery of adult social care charging reform in 2023 to 2024. These proposals are for:

  • distributing funding for needs and financial assessments
  • the extension to the means test
  • the cap on care costs

At the heart of the reformed system is an £86,000 cap on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care over their lifetime. In addition, the reforms increase the point at which a person is eligible for local authority means-tested support. From October 2023:

  • the upper capital limit will rise to £100,000 from the current level of £23,250
  • the lower capital limit will increase to £20,000 from £14,250

The result is what the government believes is a credible, deliverable and sustainable new charging system.
This consultation will be open until 11:45 on 23rd September 2022. The government are seeking views on the distribution of funding to support the reform of the adult social care charging system in 2023 to 2024.

This is a really key change for the social care industry and will contribute to how the initial investment of £5.4 billion, promised by the Prime Minister on the 7th September 2021 will be spent over the next 3 years. It is vital therefore that we contribute by completing this open consultation.

We hope you find this helpful. Please click here to partake in the consultation

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