#socialcarefuture – New Social Care Report

We have had great pleasure in reading the ‘Talking about a brighter social care future” report.

It is not only refreshing but a much-needed positive outlook on the future of social care and how we are all working together to change the narrative and reframe the story of social care and how it is understood by the public today.

Who are #socialcarefuture?

“#socialcarefuture is a growing movement of people with a shared commitment to bring about major positive change in what is currently called “social care.”  It’s for those who want to take part in imagining, communicating and creating together a future where what we currently call social care makes a major contribution to everyone’s wellbeing and which, as a result, will enjoy high levels of public – and hence political – support.” Visit their website to learn more.

Through extensive research into social care campaigns, print media and public perception, Social Care Future have revealed a number of ‘frame elements’ in the way social care is discussed and thought about. They have contrasted these themes with their own vision, here are some great examples:

Current Dominant Narrative New Reframed Vision
Social care is a problem that needs to be fixed. Social care is a great solution to the problem.
Social care is a growing social and financial cost Social care is a growing value to society of great support
Social care is a safety net Social care is a springboard
Social care is a one-way street, with regulated personal care services ‘looking after vulnerable people.’ Social care is fellow citizens being supported to live lives that they choose to lead, as part of a reciprocal web of community-based support
Social care is people with needs. Social care nurtures people with gifts and potential.
Social care exclusively benefits older, disabled people and ‘vulnerable people’. Everyone can benefit from there being great care and support.
Social care is in crisis and broken with more funding to maintain the status quo being the only answer. Great care and support transforms people’s lives and exciting new approaches can grow and spread, through a reformed approach and greater financial investment.


We are excited to see how this major new project to research progresses and will definitely be doing our bit where we can to show our support.

Download the report Talking about a brighter social care future

Download an easy read summary